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COOL GLOBE an innovation for cool fresh food, both indoors and outdoors. Keeps your dairies, salads and desserts cold, crispy and free from insects. Inside the top of the globe is an exchangeable cooling device.
COOL GLOBE comes in modern colours such as blue, silver, lime, yellow, white and orange, has a timeless design with handmade pewter handles.
COOL GLOBE gives you the freedom to enjoy your time at the table.
COOL GLOBE has been awarded a price for innovation and design by the city of Stockholm.
COOL GLOBE has had a great deal of attention by Swedish and international media and TV. For more information about retail dealers please contact
Bon Apetit !

Handles to Cool Globe

Cool Globe small version.

  Cold fresh food - why not warm as well?
With an hotplate made of soapstone, you can also keep your food warm with Cool Globe. Just heat the stone up in the microwave oven for two minutes and then place the Cool Globe lid - and your food keeps warm longer.