globarturkos glob

COOL GLOBE - a Swedish innovation
that saw the light in 1997


Birgittas idea for the product came about from an everyday family situation that many recognize. On a hot summer day when themeal should be enjoyed outdoors. But instead – problem with runny butter and bothersome insects.

-”What should I do to keep food cold ”?


How should it look?


Birgitta began sketching, looking for the best material. Searched scholarship and was awarded the 1993 Stockholm City Inventors Scholarship for the product COOL GLOBE .

Stylish functional concept and design has enabled COOL GLOBE to stay on the market. It  keeps food cool and fresh at the buffet table or summer party outdoors.

A timeless design in contemporary colors with  handcrafted handles of Swedish pewterer. Inside the globe you will find a removable cooling element.

COOL GLOBE has attracted much attention and has among many customers been given as a gift to the e Norwegian and Swedish royal families. Been shown on TV as a product placement in the show  " Stars on The Castle " and other printed home and design media internationally.
Today you will find the product at Ekerö Möbler

Birgitta is a member of the Swedish Inventors ' Association.


Handles in pewter

with Birgittas design.

Upper right, is a handle from an 1850 mold.